August 27, 2015

With Lind and Ricey

Finally had the time to meet up with Lindsay and Ricey on Sunday (23/08/15) after my exams and before my internship in school starts! 

We headed over to Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista to try out their truffle fries and also mainly to check out this really sick graffiti wall!

I checked out this place with Ricey before meeting Lindsay as she had something on prior to this! Had a little catch up session with her because the last time the 3 of us met was in June and clearly there were a lot of things to be shared hahahaha.

We ordered their truffle fries, ice latte and hot chocolate! 

Afterwards, we took some pictures and explored the place a little bit before we headed over to town to meet Lind!

Nice bus lighting calls for selfies ^-^ 

We headed to Tori Q for dinner and shopped around in town before heading home!

 Fun time in Forever21 because I had to shop for jeans for my internship. 

Overall I had a fun time with them and I can't wait for our next meetup already!!!!

Love, Eileen

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