August 13, 2015

Taking a breather - Part 2

Counting down to exams, currently left with 4 more days of revision and my current status = 2 modules out of 3 down. 

Super nervous for exams because I am really unsure if I can even score well this time round sigh, this sem has been quite down for me tbh. But nonetheless, I am still trying my best here! ^-^ Better wake up earlier to study my ass off tomorrow as it is Linus's end of internship tomorrow.
Gonna spend the evening with him because it calls for a celebration woo! 

So, on Sunday evening I headed out of my hibernation area and went to town to find Jeanette and Shalnie after their internship to have a quick dinner and catch up session with them.
We dined at Dome cafe because that's our place to be hahaha.

I always order Mushroom soup if it's available on a menu, really hard to resist the temptation!
Oh, Shalnie and I love their iced peach teas
(or in general we just live for it)

 Didn't managed to take pictures of us together because Jeanette had to head back to work after her dinner break, but we hung around in La Senza for almost 1.5 hours to accompany her all the way till closing time!

Here's the videos we took that day (snapchat), really love how easily I laugh when they are around! Love them to bits and pieces.

'A Listers and Paid Sisters'

Love, Eileen

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