August 10, 2015

Taking a breather

Took a break from exam revision on Friday and I went out with Linus, which is the best thing ever hahaha. Have not seen him for more than a week and I was extremely excited to see him!

Wanted to go to Lola's cafe to grab some quick brunch before we make our way to Funan to get this boy's new camera (which btw he bought the exact model that I was eyeing on sobs) but I am a blur queen and I made a reservation on the wrong date sigh! Had to find for another place for us to grab lunch together. 

We decided to go to Tanuki Raw Bar to have our lunch and to also try out the spam fries because I saw someone raving about it on my instagram feed a few days ago! 

We ordered their Spam fries, Tanuki Curry Don and Truffle Yakiniku Don! Honestly I had high expectations for the Spam fries because for starters, I live for luncheon meat but I didn't really find the spam fries exceptionally nice or something worth raving about. Just normal fried spam that you can easily make at home. >:( 

Linus liked his Truffle Yakiniku Don and I found mine quite okay but I couldn't finish it because the curry felt too overwhelming with every bite. 

Afterwards we went over to Funan to get his camera and back to my place to just rest and chill the night away. Tested out his new Samsung NX Mini when I got home and omg I am in love!!!!

I should really invest in more distressed denim shorts, lately I have been pretty much on the hunt for bell sleeve apparels for the past month and I am quite happy that my humble collection is growing hehe. Especially love my new fringe bag that I got online!! Fringe bags are so expensive but they really make an outfit look so put together, effortlessly and bohemian which is what I am going for right now ^-^ 

 Thank you baby for spending the whole day with me! 

Love, Eileen

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