July 26, 2015

One more month

Today officially marks the last month of my polytechnic academic sem. I am certainly very happy that it is finally ending... 18 weeks of school and currently it's the 14th week. Have completed 15 ICAs- 13 projects and 2 individual tests; following it will be the 3 final papers and then I'm off for internship. 

I think I have learnt a lot and matured as well within these past weeks of school, at the start it was so so bad, crying almost every week due to the high levels of stress - juggling school and work was never easy especially when I have so much things to be completed; not having time to have proper lunch because usually we will be just rushing through our projects; lack of sleep definitely - sleeping for maximum 5 hours then I'll automatically wake up. Really glad that it is all ending, this is by far the worst semester ever but really glad to go through all these with nice classmates! 

I am a truly very antisocial and I tend to not make friends, but my classmates are just so nice and I'm really glad to have met them :-) 

Sigh, so 4 more weeks of bullshit to go through and I will be free for 4 days before all hell breaks loose again.

Can't wait for my graduation trip next year already!!!

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