July 26, 2015


My 19th birthday passed by in a blink of an eye. 

When the clock struck 12, I shut my eyes tightly and wished for happiness, health, light and grades.
 I think as the years goes by, I stopped wishing for superficial things.
Afterwards, my phone vibrated and I received well wishes from friends that matters, and also from L.

Although I wished for happiness, I still felt sad within and I shut myself in the bathroom and had a good cry and had a really good sleep afterwards.

Had a lunch buffet with my relatives and then I went to find L and had a nice mini picnic at Botanic Gardens till the sun set and dusk fell. There were a few stars that decorated the night sky that night accompanied with our diy lamp - green tea and phone's torchlight.
Got a polariod camera from babe which I am really appreciative and grateful for although I told him not to get me anything.

Went shopping for dinner at Buona Vista since we were super late and I wanted to catch the last ray of sunlight to take nice Polariods and pictures with him for memories sake.

Had a simple celebration with him and my heart was so full with love that day. Thank you for everything, Linus. From planning my birthday, comforting me, giving me your shoulder of support, being totally cool with the change of plans. :-)

Would be perfect if my friends were there x

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