June 22, 2015

Birthday Week

Officially the last few days of being 18 years old.
 Feeling a little sad that I am growing up way too fast. 
Not ready for the adult phase of my life.
I wanna be young, carefree and happy.
Fun, eat and love.
Doing the things I love.
Having time on my hand.
Being around the people I love.
Watching Barbie movies even when I am old and wrinkly.
Some things just don't change.


Instead of not wanting to grow up, I am scared of growing up.

Being 18 might just be the highlight of my life, or maybe because I have a really really bad memory and I feel that it is by far the bestest year of my life currently. Freed from all the negativity in my life, cherishing those who stayed till the end, seeing people who don't matter slowly fading away, having a hobby (instagram, although it's dead rn), excelling in studies for once in my academic school life, being more sociable, happier person and finding myself. 

I may still be walking around aimlessly with no goal in mind but I'm a more matured person than I was a year ago.

Birthday Wish?
I just want to be strong and happy. 

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