June 19, 2015

What I had been up to

Hello hello, jazzing to Maroon 5's songs currently.

This is the last holiday ever in my poly life and I am cherishing it a lot because I know that hell is clearly waiting for me after this weekend with projects, tests and exams to survive through until August and then internship right after it. 

Although it was a 2 weeks break I felt like I got the all the rest I needed in the past 8 weeks of school and it felt so great to just meet up with everyone who means a lot to me during this 2 weeks! Basically I have been just lazing around at home, running errands, meeting friends and doing projects all day long. Did almost everything that I had to complete by the end of this 2 weeks so yay!

June has been a great month, and next week is my birthday week hehe a pity that Ricey is traveling overseas this year else we'd hang out because her birthday is just 2 days before mine hahaha and I remembered how Lindsay and I called her at 12AM to sing a pretty much failed birthday song to her on her birthday hahahaha such memories.

Will just upload the pictures here ( I update more frequently on my snapchat so do add me on there @eileenmakie) because sometimes I simply just forget to take pictures when I'm out with my friends hahaha

Had mookata, ktv session, and meetups with my friends this week xx 

Bye xx

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