February 4, 2014

Chinese New Year

Hello! How did you spend your cny? ^~^ Cny is just a normal public holiday/ a usual Sunday gathering at my grandma's place with my cousins! I guess throughout the years the hype for CNY just dies down, I didn't even get new clothes for the new year >~<  I only have a handful of relatives and the first day of CNY just sums everything up! 

With my mom! 
Fooooood nom nom nom 
He is saying hello to everyone! ^~^ 

That's basically what we did on the first day of CNY! About 3/4 of the time we just hide ourselves in a room and do our own things hehe we don't really mingle with our other cuzzies. 

Top: Dainty Bullets
Skirt: Online

I'm still super in love with this floral bustier that I brought in about half a year ago on Dainty Bullets! ^-^ floral prints are just so pretty I can't explain the beauty of it! 

Went to my uncle's house for steamboat lunch after classes yesterday! 

Doing what we do best >:) yes 18 and still loving Barbie movies ^-^ I'm not ashamed, no one ever said there's a age limit for Barbies. I always watch them over and over again during holidays hehe 

Group pic!! 

Vintage Dottie Top: Bugis Street level 2
Highwaist Shorts: BKK

That concludes my CNY, I hope you guys had fun receiving red packets and spending some quality time with your family! ^-^

I'll be launching a mini collection on Dainty Bullets by this weekend before all my exams start! Do hop over and show me some support!! 

I promise the next next collection will be good! ^-^ all the cute stuffs will be coming in when I'm done with 4 of my papers! Till then, I'm just gonna study until I collapse. 

Thank you for reading! 

Love, Eileen 

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you are very pretty :)