February 10, 2014

Gone like the wind

Hello sweeties, have been neglecting this space for a bit these few days. Exams are coming so so fast and I'm just mugging and slogging my life away. >:( 

I miss my social life but it'd be worth it at the end, really wanna produce better grades to make myself happy and of course to go into the combination I've chose - Retail Management. 

Speaking of retail, I've just launched a new collection over at Dainty Bullets ( ! It's a small collection for valentine's day with all the cute and flirty apparels, I promise you won't be disappointed! ---> 

I will find a day and dedicate a post to my blogshop dedicating how everything started to the hardships and the disappointments. But I'm still loving it despite all the disappointments, I don't really have any achievements or did anything successful in my life as of now, so currently this is the biggest thing I've ever done to make my dream come alive. So stay tuned! I'll be back in a jiffy, don't forget to check back! 


Lindsay Voitton said...

Loving all your pictures from Daintybullets collection!! Very well edited <3

Anonymous said...

Love you mak mei xin. JIAYOU <3