January 29, 2014

Flea Titan

Hello sweets, I'm really appreciative of being given the opportunity to collaborate with Flea Titan last Sunday at Club Playhouse! Thank you Mish hehe ^~^
Thankful that my parents and sister came down to help me out because I brought a lot of apparels to sell and I can't manage the luggage only (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ and my 2 other close friends, Shannon and Wanqi for sticking with me until 6PM on a Sunday, feeling the Monday Blues with me.
There wasn't a crowd to begin with but it's a good experience for my sister and I ^-^

Thank you Mish! ^-^ Hit off really well with her the first time I met her together with Grace hehe.
The rings are all handmade by Grace and they are really cute in real life no kidding! She's has a crazy talent in making those small kawaii charms herself!!!
If you're interested in any items you see over here or my previous Flea Titan post (here), feel free to drop me an email ^-^
 Shannon ^-^
my sister, I know we don't look alike in this picture. Make a guess if she's my younger or older sister? :D 

 Grace (ෆ ͒•∘̬• ͒)◞

and Phoebe dropped by the flea hehe so glad to see her! ^-^ It is still quite hilarious to me, looking back at last year around this time, I was panicking on which course and school to choose from with my pathetic O's grades and being scared for the 'future' basically I ranted to Phoebe about my whole life for 5 hours straight lol

And finally met Jiahui at the flea too! ^-^ She's super nice and dope hehe
 Here's what I bought at the flea haha (when you can't sell your items, ditch it and shop) ^-^
Blue bag $3, Nude Floral Skirt $7, Floral Shorts $7, Blue Floral Skirt $4, Luckyme Top $2, Floral Sweater $15, Floral Bag $13.
Floral enough for you? >~<
will blog tomorrow! See you.
Love, Eileen

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Omg I look too happy D: