December 7, 2013

GirlyMake Launch Party

Hi cuties! Today's post will be about GIRLYMAKE. ಠ -ಠ
This was a whole new experience in my life I swear and I seriously didn't thought I made the cut. Let's start from the beginning where Ricey and Lindsay told me in the group chat to give a shot and send an email to girlymake as they were looking for 5 models for their launch party. My immediate reply to them was 'Huh me? I think I send already they won't choose me also :(' But after much persuasion I sent out the email in lecture and really prayed and hoped hard for something.
At about 4PM i received back a reply from QiuQiu and I was so happy (happy is such an understatement) I screamed with happiness haha I went straight to the kitchen and told my mum. Okay so this explains why i was at the launch party and was damn stoked as all of us was selected.
Rushed to the CLEOHAIRMAKE after half a day of class with my bbgs, was so excited throughout! Qiuqiu was damn surprised that we are all friends haha.
Mandatory mirror shots of the popular mirror that will make you have long legs before the hair stylist work on my hair!  (≧∇≦)

I was so amazed by my hair it was so curly and made me look so girly. Really gotta thank the super cute hairstylist for making my hair so fab! 😍
Makeup was done by Qiuqiu hehe and i'm wearing GirlyMake Lashes Number 3! It is really natural and it is very comfy haha coming from a girl like me who never wore falsies in her life before.


Camwhore time after everything is done! ・∀・ with Ricey, Lind and Jamie!

and with Grace! ^v^

With QiuQiu! ≧∇≦

Couldn't resist a picture of the pretty setup.

Really love the Girlymake backdrop, it makes the pictures turn out ultra sweet and girly!

With Yutakis ^_^ king of taking pictures!!

With Ricey!

Then the event started and Qiuqiu introduced the different lashes that are available right now!

With Qiuqiu!! She was super nice and funny throughout! ≧∇≦

 With Peishi and Rachell, they are so pretty!!
With Miyake!
All in all I had a great time at the launch party and a part of me still can't believe that I was selected to be one of Qiuqiu's model hehe everything seemed so surreal. I am seriously thankful for given such an opportunity with my bbgs, so incredibly happy!!!  


Check out GirlyMake's online store at and get those lashes!!


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