December 22, 2013


Hello bunnies, I still can't imagine that i am finally on my well deserved school break right now. Going to town for the past few days and i am indeed so bored of Orchard currently but i'm about to head there in a few hours time AGAIN to do some shopping!

Heard that Editor's Market is having really good shoe sales so i'm really excited to check it out together with my fave secondary school girls!! Will blog more about it if I manage to take more pictures.

Anyway, some pictures taken on Saturday when we went to Triple One Somerset to visit Girlymake's booth haha, had a good time meeting up Ricey and Grace and we talked a whole bunch! Lind couldn't make it that day, I miss her so much!
Do we look like sisters? :D I always have so much fun with the 3 of them hehe.

Hehe Ricey was spamming pictures with my phone nonstop and we didn't know what to do.

 Afterwards I went over and met Maze and Kelvin at Holland Village for dinner hehe.


Blog more soon xoxo

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