October 18, 2013

How it all started.

So today will be a blog post on how Dainty Bullets came about. Actually it has always been a dream/wish of mine to open up a blogshop since I was 14 years old. In 2010 I opened my first instock blogshop selling unwanted clothes all the way till 2012, I sold away about 130 pieces throughout the years. Livejournals were very popular during 2010, that's where I got to know about 'blogshops'.
Dragging that idea for so many years, it was finally the year for me to sit for my exams, and get over and done with secondary school. I asked my friends if they wanted to start a blogshop together and try it out after our O's and just play around with it during physics lesson one day. (lol I know) So ya that idea came about and that was the day where I started to commit myself to this blogshop. Did research and sourcing for apparels almost everyday even before I sat for my major exams.
The start wasn't easy at all.
Our first collection was Nov 2012, we brought in apparels that we sourced for and did an outdoor shoot with tripods etc. Well everyone has their expectations, so when we launched the first collection, I was expecting some orders. But 30 mins into the launch, we received no orders. 0 orders. After about a few hours, we managed to get about 3-4 orders which was okay to me. Every order form that got sent in, I screamed with joy. It felt like so surreal. We couldn't sell all of the apparels and we made some losses but that didn't stop us from launching the second collection the next month. But of course we were disappointed at that time.

We did another outdoor shoot this time with a DSLR thanks to a friend. We can still survive with that few orders but we still made some losses. It's like we can still say that it's an okay collection. Of course there's still losses but after awhile most of the items were sold out, and we had enough funds to go and try for the third collection. Still disappointed but with a heavy heart we went ahead.
But to the third collection, I am the one overseeing almost everything. Brought in a model to model the apparels and the sales was honestly okay. Subsequently after some time the apparels were all sold out and I thought that my blogshop was improving. Like my baby is growing and I can't explain the excitement at all. I was only 16 years old and I was excited. I went ahead with C4 and C5 myself and the sales was good! I managed to sell everything!
The 6th collection was the best among all, Lindsay and Jasmine modeled for me and within 2 hours all the items were all sold out/pending I was damn shocked like I didn't even expect so many order forms coming at all! I was so happy I could cry. I was like 'this is it. It is improving, I can bring in more choices in omg'
But after that collection everything went downhill.
It got so badly till I get stressed over the sales almost every single day and I don't even dare to launch another new collection because I was afraid of the disappointment. I didn't want to give up I mean who wants to? The losses were too huge and my friends left because I didn't want them to keep losing their money. I tried and tried my best to sell off the items. I even resorted to working and use my pay to buy the stocks. Like I tried everything I can.
But I think I'm losing faith and it is really sad to even feel that way. I don't want to feel the disappointments anymore, like it's hitting the bottom pit and i'm so upset sometimes I don't even know what I can do to save the situation. Everyday was torture, waking up feeling disappointed. I know it clearly that dainty bullets is failing in my hands and I don't have the funds to let it continue anymore.
I'm just so disappointed in everything. My whole life is such a joke.
The next collection might be the last. I'm just too upset to continue typing this post anymore.
till then xx

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