December 27, 2013

The week before

Hi sweets back here to update this little space of mine. Went out for a bit last week to do some shopping and hang out with my gfs.
Headed to town because we heard that there's sales going oonnnnn but boo I didn't get any things at all!
Doing what we do best everywhere all day~ ^-^

Jacqueline and Christina (≧∇≦)

Met up with Lind and Rice the other day for some shopping (again I know) and café hunting!


o/w: bkk | top: iwearsin | shorts & shoes: bugis street
Roam about bugis street and I got a really vintage top which I love incredibly it's so sweet and honestly I wanted to try a different style instead of what I usually go for.
Settled for a café at Parco cuz Lind and Rice happened to chance upon it during the girlymake event a few weeks back.
Octa Hotel Singapore
(65) 6336 4614
It is a dainty boutique café and it is really well furnished, I particularly love the ambience there! A really comfortable place for you to have some desserts and hang out with your girls for some chit chat session. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

I know i am a sucker for anything vintage or girly oh boy the deco really makes me want to have one at home too! 


Here's what we ordered - pasta! I ordered Agilo Olio and it was just really average though it looks really good in the picture! Rice ordered something with corn and I heard it was pretty good so maybe if you intend to go over there you might wanna order that instead of the agilo olio which is a disappointment.

Afterwards I headed over to town to meet up with some poly classmates for Christmas shopping and catch up sess!
Abrupt ending because I gotta prepare for potluck tonight!

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