December 28, 2015


Hi guys, this year is just passing by so ever quickly and I have not updated this space for awhile!

3 more days till the end of 2015, usually around December period I will be most excited for Christmas and be in the festive spirit but this year I just can't because of internship. 

Currently interning at LS, and boy oh boy I thought I could handle the 10 weeks of internship. I just ended Week 3 yesterday and today is my off day before continuing on for 3 consecutive shifts. I only have to work 4 days for Week 4 because of new year (whew) and since I will be clearing out 3 at one go, it comforts me just a little that I am gonna reach the halfway mark really soon. 

Have been crying almost every week, not ashamed to say that but I sincerely believe that this is my lowest period in my whole 19 years. Being forced to report to work daily in town just sucks. I used to love going to town, but now whenever I step foot in Orchard, especially Ion, the heavy feeling in my heart just weighs me down and consumes me as a whole. Crying does help, just a little to get through a few days before I crumble and fall. Not being dramatic, but sometimes during my sleep I still get reminded of LS and the songs they blast in the store. It is haunting me everywhere. Not that a off day does me good other than the fact that I get to rest my poor feet but subconsciously I still think about LS.

I am counting down everyday, I was relieved that Week 4 is already here, but when I think about it again, I still have 6 more weeks to get through and my positivity wavers every time I think of that. I told myself to just hold it out and wait for Linus' arrival which is end of Week 7, so I have about 3 more weeks left to see him. I am really really excited to see him again, but I feel like I am a depressed kid right now. How on earth can I hang in there? 

Telling myself that I can do it, hang in there Eileen. One day at a time and look at one week by one week. Do not dread the shifts, for they make you one day closer to 12 Feb. 2016 is coming, just get over and done with Jan and you are left with 2 weeks. 

Please be strong.

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