May 30, 2015

Barely dead

Back here playing Wang Lee Hom's old songs while typing this post. 

Ever since Year 3 started I feel so overwhelmed with everything, there's only a few things that are keeping me sane. I feel that I overstress myself but without it I don't think that I'm capable of producing good results. Have been crying almost every week ever since school started. :( Can't wait for this sem to be over already. Sometimes I really envy those who don't have to work on weekends and juggle their school and work together sigh such is life. 

Anyway, enough of the self-pitying party. I'm here to upload pictures of what happened for the past few months hehe. Met someone who is really important to me right now about 2 months back and I'm really blessed to have him around. ^~^ 

 Be back soon xx 

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