March 3, 2015

Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! 

Now that the final exams are over, I finally had the time to update my Instagram with more posts ever since the last update here. Finally transferred all the pictures from my phone over to my laptop so do check back this space as I will  try diligently upload all of them over here! 

I purchased all my Chinese New Year clothes from as I didn't have much time to hunt for clothes in town after my exams end. Really glad that my school started the finals waaaaay earlier than other schools and I'm already at the 3rd week of my holidays hehe life is good. 

 I will just upload the pictures that I've taken during the week of Lunar New Year! (Please be kind to me as I accidentally burnt my face with too much pimple cream sobs)



Thank you for reading!

Love, Eileen

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