June 23, 2014

Youtube Fanfest + VLOG

Doubt that anyone is reading this space of mine... much neglect and regret. But oh well, still gonna record down the things in life. :)

Having a really short school break of 2 weeks and i'm left with less than a week left sobs. Back to the tortures of hell with projects and tests.

Went for Youtube Fan Fest a few weeks ago because of sheer luck. Called in 987FM and managed to win tickets yay, was supposed to be rushing projects but hey I have better priorities in life haha.

Woke up really early to prepare for Bethany Mota's fan meet at 10AM. *screams* I have been watching her since I was 14 years old so that explains my excitement. It's like meeting her is a dream come true. Indeed. Looking back, I realize we are considered the minorities for our age because most of them are young kids lol. Awkward.

 Queued for super long under the sun and I sweating like mad ugh.
But it's worth the wait, finally got to meet Bethany!!!!!!!!!

 A picture with her. :) I'm so happy I couldn't really speak much, and now typing this I feel like it was a dream? Still can't believe that I actually met her and gave her my letter. No idea if she actually reads it because I bet there's thousands and thousands of letters to be read and mine is not significant anyway. One can hope can't they?

More selfies because the lightings was so good.

 Outfit of the day
Top: Topshop
Skirt: The Editor's Market
Shoes: Carousell (Stylenanda)
Necklace: Forever 21

Actually I also had the privilege of meeting the rest of the youtubers the day before because I camped outside their hotel with my polymates haha we are doing this because we are young!!! (self defense)

Anyway, I managed to do a vlog for YTFF as well, hope you guys like it! :)

Bye, will be back soon! xo

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