May 12, 2014

Jennim + 49 Seats

8 May 2014 (Thursday)
Mundane Thursday changed for the better when Jennim (clothesencounteres) on Youtube posted on her instagram saying that she will be having a meet & greet at a mall in Buona Vista!! Chanced on that post while on the train back home and immediately changed my plans. Went home and changed and i'm out of the house on an adventure to meet her!
Met up with my sidekick for that day ^~^ It always get so crazy during such meet & greets and from past experiences you have to RUN a lot.
So we ran to Rochestor Mall and I wanted to do a video about it but well priorities changed and my main concern was to find the venue! At about 7.20PM we reached the venue and the queue was so crazy no joke. I think there's easily about 200++-300 people in front of us?
yes we were all the way up the slope and there's so many more people behind us! :(
Awhile into the queue I got bored and tired so I casually told my friend to scout the area to see if there's any spot that we can catch a glimpse of her because at that moment we could only hear screams from the front. So tada, second level's view and I could see Jennim moving in front of my eyes. The feeling was so surreal.

 8PM- we left the queue because we were tired and hungry and went back to the spot where we can see her for the last time. :) and just nice she was leaving because the security kicked her out of the premises and many people were surrounding her!!! First instinct was to run down the flight of stairs and get as close as possible to her to pass her my letter and of course have a better look! ^-^
I guess lady luck was on our side because we came from the side and we totally intercepted the crowd and got super close to her omg. Nearly fell down and got squeezed to death because people are so ruthless haha.
Yes this was how close I was to Jennim! This is so insane. I shouted 'HI JENNIM!!!!' *waves* and she smiled and said hi to me omg. :') and I managed to pass her my letter!

Sorry if I sound too fangirl for your comfort but she's my queen. ^~^
9 May 2014 (Friday)
Cafehopping on Friday after morning classes with my girls! Decided to head down to 49 Seats for lunch because I remembered Claire said it was nice when I met her previously!
49 Seats
49 Kreta Ayer Road
Mon - Thu: 18:00 - 02:00
Fri - Sat: 18:00 - 04:30
Closed: Sun
You might want to check on the opening hours because we went down and realized it's only open in the evening! :( Headed to town to do some shopping and went back again!



 love all the food that was served and my friends loved what they ordered too! ^-^ prices are quite pocket friendly and the ambience is really good!

Give their Tomyam Pasta a try, it is really good no joke! Will be back with the rest of my girls and visit this café again!
-Outfit of the day-
Dress: Runwaybandits
Outerwear: BKK
Hoping to do a collective haul video soon, do check back my youtube channel for updates from time to time? :)
Thank you for reading, be back soon! xx

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