April 7, 2014

D'Good Cafe + Ikea Trippin'

Annyeonghaseyo~~!! ^~^  have been really sick for the past week thanks to all the junk food and insufficient rest because I have been working a lot lately :( hehe but still catching up on my Korean dramas and my obsession with Emergency Couple!! It's really good omg the lead actor is so cute otoke! >~<
as the title suggests yay this is a post filled with food hehe so allow me to backtrack. 2 weeks ago I met up with my dear friend Rena and we decided to try out D'good café that is located in Holland Village~

 makeup for the day, been switching my makeup routine these past weeks to achieve a Korean-ish look I suppose since i'm so obsessed with their small nose and flawless face!
D'Good Café
273 Holland Ave, 278992

look at em' prawns
 Happy Rena with her food! ^-^

Headed to Ikea last week because we are spontaneous friends lol trust me the distance is crazyyyy we literally live at the opposite side of Singapore from Ikea >:( Michoso.
Here's what we ordered ^-^ and we nearly died trying to stuff ourselves full.
Brownies from Mc Café is good!!

Red Dress from Scape
Creepers (everyday you see it lol) from Bugis
Floral Socks from Rubi

Thank you for reading, will blog more soon! xx

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