March 27, 2014

Budget Queen

Today I'll be sharing on where I usually get my apparels and makeup from that are really cheap (less than $25) and makeup that are brand new and authentic as well!

Physical stores: 
For makeup, I usually like to head over to Orchard Central and get NYX products. They are authentic and are really affordable, I got my NYX Matte Bronzer and a couple of lippies there about a year ago and I'm in the middle of finishing it so I might just pop by there again soon to try out NYX blushes and lipsticks. 

Also, I have been seeing some stylenanda makeup products at scape flea and I've been itching to get some to try it out!! Might do a review if I get my hands on them. 

For clothes: 
A few years back almost all my apparels are from Scape flea and they only costed me from a range of $5-$15! However during the recent years they closed down the flea on level 4 and it also meant that my supply of apparels in my wardrobe also stopped :-( 

Previously my budget for clothes were $15 at the maximum when I was about 14-16 years old because I didn't work and I didn't have much money to begin with! 
Nowadays I'd go over to Bugis street, they have really cheap clothes and shoes!! Haji lane is near Bugis street so I'll pop by and just do some window shopping at those boutique shops which I love. 

For town, I will always go into The Editor's Market in Cineleisure no matter what, I love their apparels and you get to save up when you buy more! I usually aim for the 6th piece prices because I'm super budget (not sorry?). You just have to combine with other shoppers/ your friends when you're shopping there! Beware for shoppers with empty promises saying that they'd combine with you because normally they'd just leave you alone when you're changing in the fitting room and make their purchases at the counter once they found someone who is willing to pay with them immediately. Happened to me before ugh. 

Sometimes I will pop by Topshop at Knightsbridge and splurge on apparels, guilty as charged but I think that their basics are quite okay but a little overpriced for their other stuffs but what you pay is what you get! 

Forever21 for the girly clothes and accessories! Their accessories are the prettiest I swear, purchased so many of the rings there and I love those chunky necklaces! 


For clothes and makeup, I like to browse on Carousell. If you don't know what is carousell, it's something like eBay. I can spend almost 2 hours on it everytime I launch the app on my phone! 

Left to Right: $12, $12, $18, $12
Second from the left and the last one are my best bargains!! Both for $12 each and they are from River Island and Miss Selfridge wooo.
These are the items that I got from carousell that are still in my wardrobe! I have bought quite a few items on carousell too but I have them sold already.
I feel that you can really save up a lot on makeup if you purchase it on carousell and if you search hard enough sometimes you can chance upon Benefit/ MAC/ Urban Decay cosmetics that are auenthic by resellers for less than half of the retail price no kidding! 
To end this post, I just want to share my growing floral collection over the recent years. These are just a few pieces that remained in my wardrobe throughout the years, there are more in my wardrobe!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, thank you for reading! xx


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