March 7, 2014


Hello! Really needed to get out of my room because i've been so obsessed with Korean dramas after exams, and when i say that i'm obsessed, i really am! I only stop to rest for 15 mins twice for lunch and dinner, and this explains why i could complete 'You who came from the stars' in 2.5 days. 

It's so good!!!! I love Kim Soo Hyun, such an unhealthy obsession. I was really sad when the drama ended sigh how can i be seriously upset for the whole day and watched the ending 2-3 times, crying over the same scenes again. >~< 


Went to Bugis Street to do some window shopping with my gfs and of course to get a breather, away from the craziness. 

Pampered myself with a gelish manicure, just a simple glittered pink shade for damn cheap!! You can find a row of nail palours in Bugis Street level 3, their express gelish manicure ranges from $15 onwards, i believed the one i went to was the third shop from the front! So inexpensive and i will definitely return to do my nails again! ^-^

didn't get any apparels because i have a whole stack of unwanted clothes at home sitting! It was a great chat up with my gfs and had a nice dinner at Aijsen. :) 

Romper - The Editor's Market
Cross body Bag - Shannon's
Shades - DaintyBullets

Might do a what's in my makeup bag for the next post, stay tuned!! 
Thank you for reading! xx 


Lindsay Voitton said...

So pretty!! Number please! :P

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