March 1, 2014

Day Out

Hello cutiepies, exams are finally over whew studying since the past one month is really exhausting and it's been forever since I shopped so I headed to town yesterday with my friend, Huimin to do some retail therapy and gift hunting! ^~^
Lace Crop from Topshop
Floral Pinafore from Stylenanda -reseller
side track// actually all my apparels are relatively cheap, if I'm free I might just blog about where I mostly get my cheap deals from!! //
so we went to orchard and of course we went to Forever21! So in love with the floral apparels and those rose gold accessories omg
I saw a really cute cross body bag at H&M, I didn't get it and I went back aftermath but it was sold out ugh sigh regrets we make it life. :(

Some shit happened in Editor's Market thanks to a girl fml really don't know what's her principles in life, not gonna elaborate on it because thinking about it makes me pissed.

That's all for today!!! Thank you for reading! ^.^

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