December 31, 2014


worked morning shift on Christmas day itself and was so blessed to get free coffee from the manager of Starbucks ^-^ and also exclusive one for one drink from Starbucks as well! 

Free coffee + Double pay is good.


I love everything furry! Have been eyeing on this furry cardigan at H&M ever since it went on the rack, and also because my close friend J has one from Topshop which is damn soft and fluffy, and finally the cardi went on sale at H&M yay!

Outfit Details

Furry Cardigan - H&M
Lace Dress - Nasty Gal
Headpiece- Taobao
Shoes- Bugis Street

Dined at Pique Nique at Takashimaya with two of my friends!

The pasta was really good and I'm missing it so much right now :( my friend also mentioned that her burger is really good as well, a pity that I can't take beef because the egg and patty looks so inviting to me!

Had a nice meet up with my friends for almost 6 years, reminiscing about our secondary school days and having a good laugh.

My Christmas went really well this year, how about yours? I hope you had a great Christmas!

Love, Eileen

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