August 28, 2014


Have been anticipating this day for Lindsay's post birthday celebration with Ricey and Boong! Our plans was a secret to her so she was clueless until we reached the pier!

A short getaway from the madness in Singapore is much needed. We boarded a ferry to St John Island and walked over to Lazarus Island, the place was so pretty (except for the cats)!



 Crochet Top from Nastygal
Necklace from Forever21
Hat from Taobao

"best friends are hard to come by"
genuine smiles and laughter captured.
feel so loved each time I meet them, really blessed to have them in my life!
two years and counting, to many more birthdays and outings with them.

 Dinner @ Stewords Riverboat
31 Marina Coastal DriveBerth 1,
Marina South PierSingapore 018988


 prices are quite affordable because I was expecting high prices for such ambience and view from the ferry. Highly do not recommend those who get seasick easily! I was quite bummed out that I couldn't finish my meal as the river boat was so rocky due to the waves at night. I was battling with an immense headache and trying so hard not to vomit :( but all was made up for the good company I had!
hope you had fun Lindsay, because I had!
Love, Eileen

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