January 20, 2014

Reunion dinner x School

Hi guys! How do you like my new layout? I edited it by myself and I'm quite satisfied with it! ^-^ 

Finally able to blog a little despite the madness from school. ^-^ got back all of my results, things aren't looking really good right now but at least I have one module that I'm confident in so I guess it should make things okay.. Ugh don't even wanna think about academics stuff, it's so stressful! 


Had early reunion dinner with my mom's side, ever since my grandma passed away 4 years ago, we stopped the tradition of going to restaurants for the 'lou hey'... Personally I find that there's not much of a meaning behind it since my beloved granny is no longer here with us. But a reunion dinner is of course important! 

Vienna International Seafood and Teppanyki Restautant 
101 Thomson Road #B1-01
United Square Singapore 30759

Some visuals of the food, couldn't take pictures at the buffet area plus I'm a really picky eater so I didn't take that many pictures of food because what I usually eat are typical Asian stuff haha. >~<

The pineapple fried rice is heavenly, so good I'm craving for it right now! The prawn is super sweet too. Tried soba noodles for the first time ( I know I know) and I didn't really like it. :( 

Fake sharkfin soup! Taste as good as the real one, I don't consume any real sharkfin dishes anymore since 2010 because the procedures to get the real sharkfins are really brutal. :( 

The buffet place was super noisy, not going to return back there again in the future and honestly the food are just mediocre! 

With my two lovely cuzzies, they are so grown up already! And me too... Getting older omg turning 18 this year. 

My other two cuzzies are camera shy and really studious, I wish I'm half as smart as them. Had an enjoyable time catching up with my aunts and uncles too 💕 

Will be blogging about something that will be happening this Sunday 26 Jan 2014, psssst it involves lots of clothes, stay tuned! ^-^

Love, Eileen

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